If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about becoming a member of Bournemouth Reform Synagogue - thank you for your interest.

How to Apply

1 Contact the Synagogue - we will supply you with all the paperwork you need to get started.

2 Fill in the Membership Application Form - complete all fields on the front and back of the form.

3 Fill in the Gift Aid Form - this enables BRS to claim extra funds from HMRC.

4 Send us the paperwork - your completed forms and a cheque* for your subscription should be sent to the Synagogue Office. If you are not transferring from another Synagogue, we also request that you provide proof of Jewish identity (e.g. marriage certificate/parents’ marriage certificate).

5 Council approval - the BRS committee will consider your application and when approved, you will become a member of BRS, pending the necessary subscription fee payments.

*if cheque payments sound a bit retro, you can pay by internet banking or by using the enclosed standing order mandate form

Burial Scheme

BRS operates a comprehensive burial cover scheme through the Jewish Joint Burial Society ('JJBS'). By paying into this scheme, the costs of a Jewish burial or cremation can be significantly reduced. Please note, however, that those joining over the age of 80 will be required to pay for their funeral in advance.

Confused? Give us a call - we'd be delighted to discuss your queries.