This Week Shabbat 20 and 21 October
Frances Dinkenor, mother of Sue Sinkinson

Sonia Valman, daughter of Sheila Valman 

Ruth Caen, sister of Miriam Kays 

Cyril Elster, husband Barbara Elster 

Manfred Rosenkranz, father of Peter Rosenkranz 

Geoffrey Russell, husband of Simone Carmona and father of David Russell 

Nathan Hirshberg, father of Hetty Ingle-Finch 

Bessie Lipski, sister of Benita Needleman 

George Ashdown, father of Simone Carmona 

Monty Segal, husband of Myra Segal 

Robin Warren, father of Sue Warren 

Freda Bat Chaim, mother of John Fox 

Trudy Learer, remembered by the community

Upcoming Stone Settings

Hilda Lyons            15 November, 1200 

Celina Abraham      24 November, 1100

Rita Navarre           26 November, 1200