Bridge at BRS

If you would like to join the BRS bridge group or the U3A beginner's group please phone the synagogue office for more details.

BRS Coffee Morning

The next coffee morning will be held at 10:00 am on Tuesday 23 April 2019. Everyone is welcome!

Thursday 18 April
1400 BRS Bridge
Saturday 20 April
1030 1st Day Pesach Service
1900 Communal Seder
Tuesday 23 April
1000 Coffee Morning
Wednesday 24 April
1000 Art Group
Thursday 25 April
1400 BRS Bridge
1830 Erev 7th Day Pesach Service
Friday 26 April
1030 7th Day Pesach Service incl. Yizkor
Saturday 27 April 
 1030 Shabbat Morning Service

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