The Pesach edition of Hakol, our quarterly journal, is out now! Pick up your copy either in paper or electronic format today for an update on all things BRS. We have had some excellent events this past quarter and more are on the way - get the low down in Hakol.

Click here to read electronically. 
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Friday 16 March 
1830 Shabbat Evening Service 
Saturday 17 March 
1030 Shabbat Morning Service 
Sunday 18 March 
1430 Pirkei Avot 
Tuesday 20 March 
1900 Biblical Hebrew 
2000 Beginners' Judaism 
Thursday 22 March 
1030 Taichi Qigong Shibashi 
1400 BRS/U3A Bridge
Friday 23 March 
1830 Shabbat Evening Service
Saturday 24 March 
1030 Shabbat Morning Service

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