Becoming a Member
If you are interested in joining the synagogue then please contact the office on 01202 557736 and we will send you an information pack. There are a number of benefits that come with BRS membership. You will gain exclusive access to a number of community-focused social events, as well as our educational programmes and of course, all of our religious services and ceremonies. Our long-standing affiliation with the Jewish Joint Burial Society also means that our members' funeral costs are covered by their burial scheme.

BRS welcomes any person who sincerely wishes to convert to Judaism.  In common with all other Reform Synagogues, we offer a straightforward process of building commitment, knowledge and experience through which a person can become a respected member of the Jewish community. The first step is to visit the community to make sure it feels right for you, and to make an appointment to meet with Rabbi Maurice Michaels who will accompany you through the process. The conversion process at BRS has three main elements: Jewish learning, Jewish living, and developing Jewish identity.  The Jewish learning component is fulfilled by attending our course, and learning how to read Hebrew.   Jewish living means participating in the life of the BRS community, including attending Shabbat and Festival services at the Synagogue.  Your developing Jewish identity will be explored as you meet regularly with Rabbi Maurice. The conversion process takes a minimum of about 15 months, before you appear before the Movement for Reform Judaism Bet Din to complete your transition into the Jewish community.

For more information, please contact the office on 01202 557736.